ZY Partners represents clients in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration involved contract law, corporation law, intellectual property law, anti-unfair competition law and the law related to real estate and architectural engineering. We provide constructive and comprehensive solutions of legal disputes to help clients handle their disputes by applying different strategy combinations. The team has extensive dispute resolution experience, especially in difficult civil and commercial litigation and arbitration.

We represented hundreds of cases in courts and arbitration institutions successively. We provide long-term professional services of dispute resolution for well-known enterprises, including transnational organizations, international enterprises and state-owned enterprises. Our lawyers represented Sino-environment Technology Group Limited in the shareholder’s capital contribution dispute against Thumb Env- Tech Group (Fujian) Limited. The case has been published in the Supreme People’s Court Gazette and selected and published as typical case by different professional periodicals. It was the first time that the Supreme People’s Court invited foreign envoy and media to attend the trial, also the first time in the Court’s five-judge hearing history that a decision was pronounced in court. Nearly 30 domestic and foreign media outlets reported the case from all aspects.

We do our best to make the written judgments completely implemented during execution proceedings of civil and commercial cases. With increased complexity of execution cases nowadays, we adopt efficient execution measures to advance execution of the cases. We can also eliminate execution disputes through different methods to protect clients’ rights and interests.

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