ZY Partners’ team includes very experienced lawyers in the area of employment/labor disputes. In particular, our attorneys with regulatory administrative background in government authorities provide valuable insight in forming strategic plans to protect clients’ interests in China. 

We provide one-stop legal services for our corporate clients for matters relating to the management of employment affairs and labor disputes by offering legal advice, negotiating with employees and representing clients in arbitration and litigation proceedings. 

Our practices cover providing legal advice on general labor related matters based on daily operation, drafting company labor rules and policies, drafting proposal for massive layoff, negotiating with employees, advising on non-compete and special training terms and conditions, and handling the application for foreigner’s work permit in Mainland China, etc. 

We have distinctive experiences in handling labor disputes for multinationals with their higher ranking managers in MainlandChina. We have successfully assisted multinationals or foreign invested enterprises in properly handling their labor disputes with employees and have successfully defended clients’ interests in labor arbitration or litigation. 

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